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Policy Options, June-July 2012

This month, Policy Options ranks the top provincial premiers of the past 40 years. The issue includes an exclusive interview with the winner, Peter Lougheed, as well as an overview of the ranking process and numbers by Jeremy Leonard. Several of the 30 jurors, including Tom Axworthy, Lee Richardson, Hugh Segal, Brian Topp Roger Ouellette and John Parisella (many of whom worked with the winning premiers, write from their personal perspectives.

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Peter Lougheed named top provincial premier of the last 40 years

As part of the Institute for Research on Public Policy's 40th anniversary, 30 eminent historians, political scientists, economists, journalists and policy advisers from across Canada were asked by Policy Options magazine to pick their top five choices for best provincial premier since the Institute's founding. The winner? Peter Lougheed by a landslide.

Discussion of the results on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, May 3, 2012:

Articles in Policy Options:

Ranking the provincial premiers of the last 40 years, by Jeremy Leonard
Supercharged premiers: Why they made the top 5, by Thomas S. Axworthy
Interview with Peter Lougheed, L. Ian MacDonald

Innovation Nation Symposium

On September 16, 2011, Policy Options co-hosted (with BMO Financial Group and the Perimeter Institute) this important symposium in Waterloo. Video of the conference is available here.

Welcome (Kevin Lynch, Vice Chair, BMO Financial Group)
Introdcuctory remarks (Mike Lazaridis, Chair of the Perimeter Institute)
Keynote address (Jim Flaherty, federal Minister of Finance) [part 1] [part 2]
Canadian attitudes on innovation (L. Ian MacDonald, Editor of Policy Options)
Keynote address (Tom Jenkins, CEO of Open Text Corporation) [part 1] [part 2]
Closing remarks (Graham Fox, President and CEO, Institute for Research on Public Policy)

Canada & the United States: Conversations and Relations

On March 24 and 25, 2011, the McGill Institute of the Study of Canada's held its annual conference, which was devoted to a conversations between Canadians and Americans about the fundamental aspects of the Canada - U.S. relationship. Co-chaired by L. Ian Macdonald, it featured exchanges between Brian Mulroney and James A. Baker III, a keynote address by Jim Flaherty and poll results by Nik Nanos, as well as much more.

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Discussion of the 2012 federal budget (with Jean Lapierre)
(CTV Montreal, March 30, 2012)

Discussion of crossing the floor in Ottawa and Quebec City
(CTV Montreal, January 11, 2012)

Discussion of federal political developments (with John Ivison)
(CPAC Prime Time Politics with Peter Van Dusen, November 14, 2011; at 34:27 in program broadcast)

Discussion of provincial election results (with Nik Nanos)
(CTV Power Play with Don Martin, November 8, 2011)

Review of the final week of the election campaign
(CTV Montreal, April 29, 2011)

Review of the leaders' debates and the election campaign (with Jean Lapierre)
(CTV Montreal, April 15, 2011)

Analysis of the English-language leaders' debate
(CTV Montreal, April 13, 2011)

Review of week 1 of the election campaign (with Jean Lapierre)
(CTV Montreal, April 1, 2011)



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